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We specialize in internal medicine and offer a full range of primary care and family medical services.

We are dedicated to your well-being and ensure continuity of care every time you visit our office. Our staff works with patients to understand their lifestyle and needs to continually deliver the best care possible. If you are looking for a primary healthcare provider and a quality experience, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment today.


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We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4:30pm.

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Our focus is to provide our patients with life-long care and to be readily
available for immediate and unexpected emergencies.

Our commitment is to get you back to your daily activities quickly.


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Chronic Disease Management

Many people suffer from numerous types of chronic diseases every day, and when it comes to chronic disease management, early detection and treatment are crucial to living a healthy life. So here at Mil-Lake Health Care, we take pride in serving patients who suffer from chronic diseases and help them live the most active life possible.

If you are already diagnosed or think you may have a potential issue, come see us to receive help and start managing your chronic disease. We take pride in delivering personalized care for life. We see you through more than just doctor’s appointment, we take care of you through it all.


About Us

Our Founder

Dr. Abellard, Why I Became a Doctor.

I chose Primary Care General Medicine because I wanted to get to know patients over time, to see a broad array of different kinds of illnesses, treat the whole patient (not just one body part), help with the physical and mental health of my patients and most importantly, form a relationship with them. I chose General Medicine for my residency because it is focused on adults and more complex patients. I have enjoyed the more than 25 years I have spent as a doctor and I am very happy with the patient relationships I have established in the course of my practice. I would love to meet you and would be honored if you chose Mil-Lake as your center to receive great care.


Meet our Clinical Team

Our Team is an experienced multi-disciplinary group of physicians, Board Certified in Family, Geriatric and Internal Medicine.

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David Abellard, MD
Gina Joseph, MD
Jean Michel Lamour, MD
Lydie Pierre Louis, MD

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